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Hongyu Medical is a fast growing company committed to the production and sale of medical equipment. Since 2013, Hongyu Medical company has developed and produced more than 2,000 varieties of products and has formed many mature production chains, including ophthalmology, plastic surgery, Micro surgery, Neurosurgery, etc, which can meet various needs of doctors.

In order to pursue first-glass quality,Hongyu Medical always adopts high corrosion-resistant raw materials for their instruments,with standard production process.The advanced automatic equipment is helpful to make sure of the accuracy and stable production ability of all the medical instruments.Besides,to decrease the junked rate of production at the same time, the inspection always exists in almost each production process from material to finished products.

Hongyu Medical quality control department is set up to strictly inspect the quality of each instruments,including the appearance,sizes,precision,and package. All the inspections must be in according with the country and inner standard,also customers' special requirement.  Especially for customers' special requirement of orders,the quality control staff always takes more serious of details,in order to meet the customers' needs completely.This way each instrument from Hongyu Medical Manufacture is always what our customers' expecting for.Such quality control would be considered quite important for us,as a professional OEM/ODM manufacture in China.


Up to now,Hongyu Medical Instruments Product lines has been involved in ophthalmic instruments, plastic surgery instruments, Micro surgery instruments, Neurosurgery instruments,including Orthopedic Scissors,Forceps,Tweezers,Elevator Instruments,Retractors,Ophthalmic scissors,Ophthalmic Forceps,Needle holders,and other special equipment,ect.

To provide customers with quality products and services, we have established strategic cooperative relations with well-known medical industry manufacturers at home and abroad. This long-term and extensive cooperation is always helpful for Hongyu medical technical department could always develop more suitable instruments to doctors or related medical institutions.Of course,Hongyu Medical has been always keeping the innovation technique to create new instruments to market according to market's needs.

 The company not only focuses on technological innovation, cooperates with clinical multi-dimensional research and develops patented products invented by doctors, but also enthusiastically supports various clinical professional academic discussions, so that young doctors can obtain skilled surgical training and theoretical training, and more experienced doctors can keep improving. This is also the ingenuity of the company.

The younger generation of Hongyu Medical will continue to provide better products and services to doctors in accordance with the tenet of the founder.

Quality Testing

Quality Control Main KPI(Key Performance Index):

1.Material. The material of Hongyu Medical instruments must be in according with the standard GB/T1220-2007 and GB/T3620.1-2016.

2.Sizes tolerance. The size tolerance of Hongyu Medical instruments should be less than the tolerance shown in standard drawings.

3. The surface smoothness. The surface smoothness of all the Hongyu Medical instruments must be less than 0.8µm.The appearance must be assured.

4.Hardness test.The test must be operated as per the standard GB/T230.1-201.

5.Anti-corrosion testing.The boiling water testing is always used according to the standard YY/T 0149-200

As we know,strict quality control is the basis of the high quality instruments. Hongyu Medical has always taken serious of all details of products and assured customers of good medical instruments.

Production Process

Product categories are now:

1. Hongyu medical product category covers plastic surgery instruments, ophthalmic surgical instruments, microsurgical instruments, neurosurgery instruments operating room, etc.

2. The company attaches great importance to the work of new product development, and develop a sound new product development work plan, and strive to achieve the production and operation of the first generation of products at the same time, and actively develop the second generation, research the third generation, the idea of the fourth generation, to ensure that there is a continuous new product market, so that enterprises in the entire production and operation process to maintain a strong vitality, and constantly seek development.

The good quality of the product is reflected in:

Production technology, from machining, injection molding, stamping, sheet metal, welding to assembly, testing, have a perfect set of process. With domestic first-class numerical control equipment, injection molding equipment and testing equipment, with strong processing and manufacturing capabilities.


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Hongyu Medical After-Sales Service

Huai'an City Hongyu Medical Devices Co. , Ltd. in line with the "reputation first, integrity first" principle, made the following service commitments:

1.Providing free information service, technical support;

2. Warranty Service provided.Within the warranty,when the the problems happened unfortunately to the quality of our instruments due to non-human damages, the instruments would be replaced free of charges;

3. Response within 24hrs for any inquiry. Your any request would be accepted within 24hrs when you send us your request from our site.

4.Fast Delivery time. As usual,your sample order would be delivered away within 48hrs.

5. Follow us and leave message any time:

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